7 days with a Windows 8 tablet: Not quite the best of both worlds

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Day 7 – The hardware

Here is where Windows 8 and the upcoming hardware should shine: It's both a tablet and a PC. But this time it actually works.


The Samsung Series 7 sports a little stand that not only acts as a charger but also features Ethernet HDMI and USB connectivity. I plug it in, the Windows desktop extends to my 24" screen and I can use the keyboard+mouse like a regular desktop. I take it out of the cradle, hit the Windows button and I'm back on the Windows desktop with all my full-featured office tools.


But is it the "Best of Both Worlds"? No. But it's a nice blend of both worlds and Microsoft went to great lengths to provide functionality that didn't exist in either the tablet or the desktop world. For the regular user, a Windows 8 Intel tablet could really be the one machine that does it all.

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