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150 ways to make Android Voice Search work for you

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Getting organized

You can use Voice Search to access info from your Google Calendar. Try variations on these commands:

  • "What are my plans for tomorrow?"

  • "When is my anniversary event?"

  • "When is my appointment for training?"

  • "When is my meeting with Dan?"

  • "When's my next haircut?"

  • "What's on my agenda for September 30th?"

  • "What's on my calendar for Friday?"

  • "When is my next meeting?"


You can also use Voice Search to create new reminders, alarms, and appointments. For example:

  • "Remind me to get the mail in two hours"

  • "Remind me to buy biscuits this Saturday"

  • "Wake me up at 7 a.m. tomorrow"

  • "Wake me up in 30 minutes"

  • "Set an alarm for 3 hours from now"

  • "Haircut tomorrow at 2"

  • "Schedule a meeting tomorrow morning with Roger"

  • "Schedule an appointment to see the doctor on Monday at noon"

You can set location-based reminders, too, which will pop up when you're in the appropriate place. For instance:

  • "Remind me to call Angelina when I get to LAX"

  • "Remind me to take out the trash when I get home"

  • "Remind me to break the fax machine when I get to work"

And last but not least, you can send a simple note to yourself by saying "Note to self" and then whatever it is that you want to remember. Voice Search will compose an email to you using the default Gmail account on your device with transcribed text of your message and an audio attachment of your voice. You can also instruct it to save the message to Google Keep or any other compatible note-taking service, if you prefer.

Getting in touch

Want to communicate without all the finger tapping? Try prompts like these:

  • "Call Carly Rae Jepsen"

  • "Call Mom mobile"

  • "Call Bob Sacamano home"

  • "Call Jay Riemenschneider work"

  • "Call McDonald's on Third Street"

  • "Call the Hilton in Downtown Chicago"

  • "Send text to Dad -- running late, be there in 10 minutes"

  • "Send email to Natalie Portman -- what you doin' tonight?"

  • "Send email to Natalie Portman -- subject 'Your dreams have finally come true,' body 'I'm in New York'"

  • "What's Mom's phone number?"

  • "What's Donald Trump's work number?"

  • "What's Larry Page's email address?"


Note: You'll need to use people who are actually in your contacts for any of these commands to work.

Note 2: If you didn't already realize that, please stop reading this and go bop yourself on the head.

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