Keep it weird (and booming): Austin an up-and-coming hotbed for IT jobs

Study: Tech jobs on the rise through 2017 and where to find them

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If you want to go where the tech jobs will be for the next four years, head to the Lone Star State.

CareerBuilder's major job outlook study reports that Texas will be home to three of the Top 5 metropolitan areas that will see the biggest jump in high-wage job growth through 2017. Not only will Texas see a surge of jobs, they'll see a rise in good, high-paying ones.

The top 5 cities and their projected rise in high-wage jobs:

  • San Antonio: 10%
  • Austin: 9.4%
  • Phoenix: 9.1%
  • Houston: 8.9%
  • Salt Lake City: 8.8%

While San Antonio will see the biggest high-wage job growth, the study notes that most of its gains will be in education, finance and insurance. The tech crowd will find their opportunities in the diverse, eclectic state capital.

"The central Texas metro is projected to see robust growth in high-wage tech industries such as custom computer programming services, computer equipment manufacturing and engineering services," the study notes.

Areas to avoid? Detroit and Cleveland are predicted to have the slowest growth in high-wage jobs; also in the bottom 10 are major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Tech jobs fared well in term of the fastest-growing occupations through 2017. Healthcare dominated the top 10, grabbing 60% of the hot-growth careers. However, tech landed at #6 (software developers), #7 (app developers) and #10 (network administrators).

Job growth by category through 2017:

  • Software developers: 11%
  • App developers: 10%
  • Network administrators: 9%
  • Systems analysts: 8%

The full report can be downloaded free here.

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