Inside the perfect IT resume length

How to craft and format your experience for maximum screener attention.

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IT recruiter and author Dave Fecak says the perfect length for an IT resume is 1 to 2 pages.

"When offered a single-page resume, the reader is much more inclined to give that page a proper scan to make a fair assessment," he notes on his blog, Job Tips for Geeks. "A two-page offering should get a proper review as well."

However once a candidate expands his resume beyond that limit, his chances of not advancing further rise exponentially with the page count.

"The moment a reader realizes that a resume is more than say two or three pages, negative impressions flow and the reader becomes less inclined to give the document their full attention," he notes. "Highly qualified candidates are passed over every day due to untrained or impatient screeners not readily finding the content sought."

For that reason, Fecak says it's imperative job seekers edit their resumes to fit the two-page guideline. One area in which people fall into trouble, which leads to resume novellas: bullets.

"Bullets are an effective way to highlight a few accomplishments," he says. "Unfortunately, writers frequently misuse and overuse bullets to bring attention to items that would be better displayed in combination or as lists."

Fecak noted he recently viewed a resume sporting 23 bullets that took up an entire page of a 7-page resume. The last bullet? "Strong written communication skills."

Click below for solid, practical tips on reducing bullets, eliminating redundancy and how to prioritize your experience to an attractive resume length.

via Jobs Tips for Geeks

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