Perks to request if IT salary offer is too low

How you can negotiate more autonomy, control over a future tech job

You apply for a job, but the salary is less than you want. However, if you like the company and the position, money doesn't have to be the dealbreaker.

Dave Fecak of Job Tips For Geeks says there are several non-monetary benefits/perks you can negotiate to make up for the lower income.

"Tech talent does not always go to the highest bidder or the biggest name," he notes. "Candidates don’t choose the highest bidder as often as one might expect, and once you’ve had enough conversations on the choice between Job A and Job B it becomes clear that there are several situations and characteristics that technologists are willing to take in lieu of dollars and a recognized name on their resume."

For instance, there are common perks such as remote work, flexible schedules and increased vacation or 40-hour work weeks.

Yet Fecak notes that offering candidates more autonomy and control over their positions and projects makes a difference, too. For instance, giving a person a say in which languages or tools the company uses.

"The importance of languages and toolsets became apparent to me when several more lucrative offers were rejected by candidates due to concerns over future marketability or distaste for the tools and languages," he notes. "Hiring managers are beginning to appreciate the weight some job seekers place on being paid to code in a certain language, and those managers may attempt to justify using an emerging language in some production capacity for the purpose of attracting new talent."

Click below for more benefits that can make a lower salary offer more appealing.

via Job Tips For Geeks

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