Car power inverter looks like a cup of coffee!

The Powercup fits into your car's cup holder, and gives you two outlets and a USB port

I never understood why car makers don't build normal home electrical outlets into cars. Are they from another planet? Don't they know that every single driver is carrying at least one device that needs to be charged? Why do they force us to buy an inverter?

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I have an inverter in my Prius. It's a big brick that sits on the floor near the front right passenger seat. Cables everywhere. It's awkward, unsightly and clumsy to use. A catalog site called sells a 200-Watt coffee cup inverter that gives you not one but two standard outlets, plus a USB port for charging gadgets. And it's in the shape of a Starbucks cup! The $32.50 Powercup inverter fits right into your cup holder, so it's by definition in a handy location. The Powercup is a perfect gift for the digital nomad in your life. For anyone who wants to charge things in their car, this is by far the best gadget I've seen.


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