Breakfast links: HTC grabs a cloud vendor ... or something

Also: Insulin pumps! Seriously!

insulin_pump_290x218.jpgSource: David-i98/Wikipedia
This insulin pump could be the next victim of a hacking attack

HTC has purchased Dashwire, a company that makes a mobile sync client. Maybe the buy is aimed at countering Apple's upcoming iCloud service ... or maybe it's just to get patent ammunition. [Slashgear/WSJ]

•Motorola's Droid, the phone that started Android's rise to prominence, is back in a third edition. Do you like pull-out QWERTY keyboards? The Droid 3 has one! Wired likes it! [Wired]

•If you're tired of hearing vague stories about Android malware, here's a list of eight very specific pieces of Android malware in the wild. [IW]

•People are hacking into insulin pumps now! Insulin pumps! What a world. [AP]

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