Untucked: Apple's new uniform

One of Steve Jobs’ wishes, to have Apple employees wear a uniform, seems to have come to fruition and was on display yesterday. But would he approve?

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Untucked shirts: Apple's new executive uniform?

It’s almost been one year since Steve Jobs passed away. Safe to say, most of his life’s dreams came true. But not all of them. One of his dreams, or at least a wish, was to have all Apple employees wear a uniform. That never happened, as Apple employees didn’t agree it was such a great idea. So, Jobs went ahead and implemented his own personal uniform which we all know well - jeans, sneakers, black mock turtleneck - and that was that.

Until yesterday.

If you were at Wednesday’s big iPhone 5 announcement or, like me, you were watching the pictures as the event unfolded, it quickly became apparent that Apple employees, or, at least, Apple executives, have implemented a uniform, of sorts, which you can see CEO Tim Cook sporting above.

It jumped out at me right away...

That’s right - untucked shirts! Every exec who came on stage to do his part of the dog and pony show went untucked. This was clearly no coincidence. They either got together and decided on this look or some marketing genius told them it was the way to go. Either way, it was... odd.

Now, Jobs may have been a casual dresser, but, dad gum it, that turtleneck was always tucked in! Casual yet neat, he was. I can’t help but think that he wouldn’t approve of the new frumpy hipster look all those Apple execs were sporting yesterday.

Take a look-see for yourself on the following pages and see if you think that Jobs would have told these jokers to tuck in before hitting the stage.

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