This 13-foot Japanese robot is packing heat

Kuratas can fire 6,000 BBs per minute; controlled by iPhone

OK, someone needs to call up the Japanese technology community and tell them how close they are to creating the robot apocalypse.


As seen in this story by The Guardian, a Japanese electronics company has debuted Kuratas, a 13-foot high robot that can fire 6,000 BB bullets per minute (100 rounds per second).

The robot "is controlled either by a human pilot in a mid-torso cockpit or by a smartphone connected to a 3G network," the Guardian article says - while it could be used as a weapon, it could also be customized "for more peaceful functions such as firefighting or cleaning." Kuratas has a £900,000 price tag ($1.4 million), so start saving your pennies.

Of course, in all likelihood, this robot will enter the robot fighting arena.

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