A fix-it flowchart for fixing or resetting Android devices

When things go really wrong with your Android, here's a good process for fixing or formatting.

I enjoy helping people customize, improve, and fix up the little quirks and options of their Android phones and tablets. Heck, I wrote a book about Android that’s full of that. But sometimes there is something so wrong with an Android that it just barely works, or not at all. For those problems, I usually suggest a few step-by-step measures. I thought it might be helpful to those looking for help on rescuing, resetting, or troubleshooting their own problematic Android devices.

This flowchart starts you out at my most common two-part question: is it the phone itself, the whole system, that’s giving you grief? Or do you have an inkling that it’s one part of the phone that’s misbehaving? From there, you launch into the three-part process for diagnosing problematic apps, or straight into testing in Safe Mode, backing up your stuff, and getting into a Factory Reset for your phone.

The image of how I usually suggest this works is included here.

You can also view or download this PDF version of the flowchart
. I made the flowchart using Draw.io, formerly known as Diagram.ly, and I recommend it as a handy web-based geometric drawing tool.

No flowchart could ever contain every Android phone and their every possible problem, but I’m open to suggestions for changes and additions. Leave a comment here if you’d like to join in.

Android repair flowchart
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