Play Skee-ball across the Google cloud

Synchronize your phone with Google Chrome browser for arcade fun!

The latest Google Chrome Experiment brings you to the arcade to play a little bit of Skee-ball (Google calls the game "Roll It", but we all know that it's Skee-ball). Using a Chrome-enabled browser on your smartphone (it supports Android and iPhones, depending on models chosen), you can use the accelerometer on the phone and roll a virtual ball into the cloud and see your results on your Chrome-enabled PC web browser.


This video shows you a bit more about what Google is trying to accomplish:

Still confused? Go here with your PC's browser - then type in the code that the site gives you in order to synchronize your smartphone (type in the same URL - - on your phone's Chrome browser) to your PC (It's similar to the synchronization that happens with Internet streaming boxes/services like the Roku and Netflix). Once synchronized, you can swing your smartphone to roll the ball (be careful that you hold onto the phone while doing this), and the results occur on your monitor.

This is very cool - although I felt I needed to swing harder than I thought in order to roll the ball into the higher-scoring areas. The only sad part - I didn't win any tickets to try and get the giant plastic slinky. But I also avoided shelling out a ton of money for tokens.

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