Science Class: How a quantum computer works

It's not really faster than a regular computer; except when it is faster

OK, everyone, get out your pencils and get ready to think quantum mechanics for today's video from 1Veritasium - looking at how a "Quantum Computer" operates.


When one hears the phrase, you think of supercomputers that can make calculations at the speed of light and you want to stand in line at the Best Buy to pick one up. Unfortunately, this isn't the case - and this video does a pretty good job at explaining the difference between a quantum computer and a regular one. So for a majority of us, our regular MacBook Air or Dell Windows 8 notebook will likely suffice.

Extra credit: If quantum mechanical spin doesn't make your head spin, you'll want to dig deeper into the topic with this follow-up video, courtesy of the 2veritasium channel:

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