Kiss today goodbye: Google teams with LEGO to let you build bricks in your browser

Latest Chrome Experiment hits the InterWeb

January 2014 has been a productive month for me, but it's not looking good for February, thanks to Google and LEGO. The companies today announced a new Chrome Experiment called "Build with Chrome", which basically lets you use your mouse (or touch-screen on a tablet) to build LEGO structures directly in your Web browser.


The system integrates with Google Maps, creating a plot based on a real map, and then letting you build whatever you want (should be interesting to see how quickly someone tries to create a Lego Las Vegas or Lego New York). This video shows you some more details of the project.

The site lets you see what other people have already built, and you can share your creations on Google+. It shouldn't take too long to see some pretty incredible buildings.

This site also ties in with February's "The LEGO Movie", another experience that has already infiltrated my house with its variety of movie trailers, new building sets, mini figures and even iPhone apps.

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