Facebook Groups are a haven for spammers

And the world's largest social network is doing almost nothing to stop them. It's time to take matters into your own hands.

A couple of weeks ago I was flicking through Facebook on my iPad when I noticed this buffoon in my News Feed.

ty4ns-fb group spam-ugly bastard 1.png

Though the buffoon's post tells people to not leave comments, I posted one anyway. I cannot repeat what I said here; suffice it to say I got my point across.

There were in fact multiple postings from the buffoon in my feed that day – something I hadn't seen before. How in Zuckerberg's name did they get here? It has to do with how Facebook has designed its Groups feature. The short version: Because Facebook allows any friend to add you to any Group, it leaves the door wide open to spammers and says "come on in!"

Here's the longer version.

Apparently, at some point in the last month or so I got added to a Group called "Share Your Topics." If you visit that Group – and I don't recommend it – you will find all sorts of similar come-ons from slime merchants like the buffoon above. I was also added to another Group called Technology News where the buffoon also posts.

You can only be added to a Group by a member who is also on your friends list. But once you're there, you get to see posts from people who are most definitely not your friends – including buffoons like that one.

That's because, in its infinite wisdom, Facebook decided that if someone else wants to add you to an "open" Group on Facebook, you're in. And by "infinite wisdom" I really mean "blatant desire to grow its Groups feature as quickly as possible and clean up the mess later (maybe) if enough people complain."

After you're added to a Group, Facebook notifies you, which presumably gives you the option to subtract yourself. But if you miss that brief notification, you're subject to any spammy post anyone in that Group deigns to share until you leave.

These notifications are also supposed to show up in your Activity Timeline, along with the name of the soon-to-ex-friend who added you. But in my tests about half of these Group notifications did not show up – only God and Sheryl Sandberg know why. Neither Share Your Topics nor Technology News are listed in my Activity Log, so I don't know when I was added or who did it (though I have my suspicions).

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