Does this browser make me look fat?

I am being stalked by ads for plus-sized women’s clothing. The problem: I opted out of tracking ads six months ago. Why is this still happening?

Yesterday I took a break from my hectic life as a bloodless blogging machine to read a Rolling Stone interview with guitarist Steve Van Zandt. When I loaded the page, this weird ad popped up next to it.

ty4ns-phatty ad 1 on rollingstone.png

I don’t normally see ads for plus-sized women’s clothing, so it kind of stuck out. Still, I didn’t really think that much about it at the time and quickly moved on. When I went to HappyPlace to read funny tweets about the government shutdown farce, however, there was the Zulily gal again, in all her porcine and garishly outfitted glory.

ty4ns-phatty ad 2.png

Clearly, my Web browser thinks I am a woman of substance. It’s true that I have put on a few pounds over the years. But a sex change operation? I think I might have noticed that.

This was too weird to be a coincidence. For reasons that are unclear, I was being re-targeted by this ad. (And this isn’t the first time I’ve been stalked by an ad.) The problem is that this should not be happening, because I opted out from these kinds of ads over six months ago.

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