$25 Xbox One headset adapter lets you use your old headset when it arrives in March

Source: Xbox.com

If you're a gamer who owned a nice headset for your Xbox 360, but now you've upgraded to the Xbox One, that headset has been gathering dust since November 22nd. Well get out the Swiffer because come March the promised "headset adapter" will be released by Microsoft.

The $24.99 Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter should let you use your existing headset in most cases. If you happen to own the Tritton Warhead, the Tritton Primer, or the Xbox 360 Wireless headset you're out of luck; these won't work with the adapter. Nor will some headsets that have a 2.5 mm connector that looks like this:

25_mm_xbox_headset_jack.jpgSource: Xbox Support
Older style 25 mm connector that won't work with new adapater

Check out the support page for more details.

Depending on your headset, you may have to connect one cable to the headset adapter for voice and another to audio output from your TV or (in the case of headsets that support optical audio) Xbox One console. If your headset has a single 3.5 mm cable for both voice and game audio, you can just plug that into the adapter and you're good to go. That sounds like the ideal solution. The adapter comes with a 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm converter cable so if your headset comes with a 2.5 mm cable you'll use that.

All in all it sounds more complex than it should be. The product page also mentions having to update your Xbox One controller to work with the adapter. I suppose it's only a hassle once and it's better than spending a few hundred bucks on another good headset, right? It'd be nice if Microsoft could give early Xbox One adopters a break though; how about a $10 off coupon or something as a reward for being in on Day One, Microsoft!?

If it's all too much, or if you've already Ebay'd your old headset, Turtle Beach's Ear Force XO SEVEN and Polk Audio's 4 Shot Xbox One Gaming Headset both release on March 7th and both will set you back a modest $159.95. Microsoft has it's own Xbox One Stereo Headset coming in March for $79.99

So new headsets, just in time for Titanfall. Couple that with the Xbox One firmware update that's supposed to improve multiplayer games, also coming just in time for TitanFall, and I'm beginning to think Microsoft should'be held back the launch of the Xbox One until March.

Hopefully Titanfall will kick off a bit more activity in terms of new releases for the Xbox One. And dare I hope Infamous: Second Son (also out in March) will do the same for the Playstation 4?

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