Read-it-later app Pocket now let's you view-it-later via Airplay

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A long, long time ago I wrote about one of my favorite apps, ReadItLater, changing its name to Pocket. I was not pleased about the change. ReadItLater was the kind of app that did one thing really well and I saw Pocket as adding a bunch of unnecessary fluff to the app. Boy, was I ever wrong.

Since then (April 2012) I've continued to use Pocket on all my devices (it's available for iOS, Android, Kindle, Kobo and the web). When I get a new phone or tablet Pocket is one of the first apps I add, and if there's been a day in the past year or so when I haven't used it, I can't remember it. In December Pocket sent me an email telling me I was in the top 5% of Pocket users. So yeah, I'm a convert.

Pocket's purpose is to save web content for later reading, watching or even listening to. You can save from a web browser or from any of a wide variety of apps (on Android it just installs as a Share To service). When you're ready to read an article you've saved in Pocket, you can choose a stripped down version (text and embedded images only) or get the full 'website view' complete with navigation, ads and clutter. But why would you want to do that?

Anyway, it's free so you should check it out (Android, iOS, Kindle, Kobo).

The reason I'm writing about Pocket today is that they've added another cool new feature: Airplay support. This new feature is obviously limited to the iOS version of the app and you need an Apple TV to take advantage of it, but you can now fling videos you've saved in Pocket to your TV. The team introduced this new feature in a blog post yesterday. I haven't read it yet, but it's (wait for it) saved in my Pocket.

So that's great news for iOS users, but what about Android? Seems like Chromecast support would be a natural next feature to add to Pocket for Android, right? Sadly, the Pocket team says there are no plans for such a feature. Maybe all of us Android users need to send a tweet to @pocket requesting Chromecast support!

pocket_stats.jpgSource: Pocket stats
My "Top 5%" Award page. I'm a big damned Pocket hero! ;)

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