Why aren't you using MightyText for Android?

Want to send a text message from your laptop or desktop, using your real number? The answer is a free app.

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I have a question for you, person who owns an Android phone: Why aren't you using MightyText?

I mean, there is a chance you already are using MightyText. MightyText reports more than 4 million users on its homepage, backed up by the Google Play Store report of "1,000,000-5,000,000" installs (quite the range). And I certainly heard from MightyText fans on Twitter and Google+ when I wrote about Android apps that move text messages to your laptop or desktop at Greenbot (an IDG publication, like this one).

But I get this sense that there are plenty of people who might get a lot of value out of MightyText who aren't yet using it. And more's the pity, because MightyText is a truly useful and clever utility for your Android phone, one that you can't believe works as well and as seamlessly as it does.

Why do I insist you use MightyText? Because I get this sense that sometimes you'd rather read, send, and reply to text messages from your laptop or desktop keyboard, using your actual cellphone number. It takes less time because it doesn't require picking up your phone, turning it on, unlocking it, heading to the messaging app, and typing with a tiny keyboard. And you probably make far fewer errors on a full 10-finger keyboard than with your two thumbs. Sometimes, too, you need to charge your phone. And some bosses are not so keen on seeing employees hunched over their phones.

Once you install MightyText on your Android phone and then browser, and you connect both phone and browser to the same Google account, it is working. You can open up MightyText's webapp and see your text messages, laid out in either a vertical list or a "power grid." You can send new messages to contacts already loaded through your phone's synced address book. You can reply to messages as they come in, and on modern browsers that allow web-based notifications, you can often reply without leaving the page you're on.

When I say that one installs MightyText and "it is working," I mean it. Unlike Google Voice, MightyText can usually handle MMS messages (usually pictures or group texts). There are manual controls and troubleshooting steps to reload contacts or make sure phone and computer stay in sync.

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Photos grabbed from a phone, sent out to dog/bagel victims.

MightyText also goes a few steps further to make sure you really don't have to grab your phone. It shows the phone's battery charge, in percentage and red/yellow/green diagram. It can automatically sync and grab photos from your phone, so you can download them to your desktop or send them out as pictures. You get notifications about phone calls, you can pre-dial your phone from inside the webapp. And you can make your phone ring, if you've misplaced it.

These are the things MightyText does for free. If you want to schedule messages, sync a larger number of old messages, set up templates and group lists for messages, and get a lot more storage space in MightyText's cloud for your pictures and videos, you can go Pro for $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year in this early pricing. If you've got an Android tablet, MightyText Tablet offers the same kind of phone connection.

Now that we've discussed this a bit more, I hope I won't have to ask you about MightyText next time we talk about keeping track of text messages.At the least, you'll have known about them before they get snapped up by some larger tech company.

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