Create a Windows 8.1 installation disc or USB flash drive with Microsoft's media creation tool

Create a Windows 8.1 ISO image or save installation files to a USB flash drive with this tool from Microsoft

windows installation media8.1
Microsoft/Screenshot by Melanie Pinola

Want to reinstall Windows 8.1 but don't have any installation media for it? Microsoft has released this new tool for you. It could come in handy if you ever want to reinstall Windows 8.1 or install it from scratch. The free tool downloads and creates the installation media you need to install Window 8.1 right away, without having to first install Windows 8 and then update to Windows 8.1, a lengthy process. Save the ISO image to a USB drive for emergency reformatting and installations (we've all been there before) or just peace of mind. 

Head to Microsoft's installation tool webpage, connect your USB flash drive (at least 4 GB of space should be available) or insert your writeable DVD, and then click the Create media button.

Once the media creation tool is finished, you can use the USB flash drive or DVD (after rebooting) to install Window 8.1. Yes,  you'll need a Windows 8 license key to validate the install.

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