Apple's gold MacBook

Why the color matters

Think of business laptops, laptops used in the workplace, and you'll probably conjure up images of black or charcoal-colored notebooks or silver MacBooks and MacBook Airs. Gold is extravagant, and gold is the new color Apple chose to introduce its latest MacBook. The color is significant maybe even more than the specs changes.

When laptop companies want to differentiate their products for consumers or for business use, they sometimes do so with color options. HP's "everyday" laptops, for example, come in bold, bright pinks and purples; performance laptops get the shiny silver or back-to-business black treatment.  What does gold signify?

Along with its announcement of the $350-$10,000 Apple Watch today, Apple's gold MacBook is an indication that the company is now a luxury brand. Apple products have always been statement pieces of a sort, but the MacBooks haven't been as blatantly "look at me!" as this before. 

Other companies have introduced gold laptops before. I believe Samsung and Sony had ones. Apple's introduction will make it more acceptable and more common in the workplace, probably, and, this, I think is why the color really matters: seeing gold laptops everywhere will be the ultimate sign of the consumerization of IT or the BYOD phenomenon really taking over. Personally, I'm not looking forward to seeing gold laptops everywhere--with just one all-in-one charging/do-everything port--but I'm guessing the IT department doesn't either.

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