Is this the best free Wi-Fi finder ever? It just might be.


Looking for the best Wi-Fi finder? I've found a new free one, and it might be the best one ever.

It's a free iOS app called WifiMapper, and it does a spectacular job. It claims to have have mapped 500 million hotspots worldwide. But just mapping the spots is the least of what it does. It also has historical information about the quality of the signal at each hotspot, so you can pick not just a free hotspot, but the one with the best quality.

And it goes even beyond that. It grabs information from FourSquare, so you'll see reviews of the places that house the hotspots, such as coffee houses, so that you know about ambiance, whether there's food served and what type, and so on. You also get detailed information about the hotspot itself, including whether a password is required. In short, it's the best Wi-Fi finder I've used.

The same company has another free iOS Wi-Fi app that has plenty of other features, called OpenSignal. It doesn't have as much information about each hotspot, but it lets you do things such as test the strength of any Wi-Fi signal. So you can use it to test your own network, including finding dead spots. And OpenSignal also tests the strength of the signal of cellphone networks, so you can find the best provider for any area.

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