Is your Wi-Fi router hacker bait? This free tool lets you know.


Is your home or work wireless network just waiting for an attacker to waltz in? I've found a free Android tool that gives you the lowdown about whether you're safe.

Your router can have plenty of vulnerabilities. Your password may be insecure. You may be using a too-weak encryption standard. It may have open ports through which hackers can slither. Services that may be dangerous, such as Universal Plug and Play (UpNP), may be turned on.

The free Android app RouterCheck looks for all that and more. It also checks your router make and model to see whether it's known to have vulnerabilities. It analyzes your DNS configuration to see if it's reliable and trustworthy. It even checks to see whether hackers have tampered with your router. For more information about what it looks for, head to the RouterCheck Web site.

Download and install the app, tap "Check My Router" and it quickly goes about its work. You get a full, color-coded report about all potential vulnerabilities. Green means safe, yellow means you may have an issue, blue means the test couldn't be performed, and red means you've got a problem.

I tried it on min and was glad to see I'm in the clear --- all green. Even if you only use the app to find out you're safe, it's well worth the download.

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