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IFTTT's new Android battery channel gives you more control over charging and power usage

New battery-saving features include the ability to disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi automatically when you're low on juice

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Android tips

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IFTTT for Android has several new recipes that could add precious minutes to your phone’s battery life. 

The new IFTTT Android battery channel lets you set up your phone to turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth automatically when the battery reaches a particular percentage level, record each time your battery gets low in a Google sheet to help you track usage, or send a push alert about low battery to your Android Wear smartwatch. 

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Android’s new battery channel offers several methods for monitoring your device’s battery life.

To try these out you’ll need the IF by IFTTT Android app, which is free in the Play Store. You can also put any of these recipes into practice by logging into IFTTT on the web, which will send the commands to your phone. New recipes get added all the time, so it’s worth regularly browsing through what others have cooked up.

The impact on you: IFTTT lets you automate a number of tasks on your phone. Android’s extendability makes IFTTT especially powerful, with six other Android-specific channels available for doing things like sending yourself reminders or getting alerts for inclement weather. Check out these nine recipes for starters. 

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