Find the right programming language to learn first with this Lord of the Rings-themed flowchart

The best programming language for you depends on your goals

The learn to code movement is gaining momentum every day, and with "software eating the world," you might want to get in on the action as well. But which programming language should you start with?

Carl Cheo has put together this flowchart that takes you through all the variables to consider for this decision. The first, fundamental question is "Why do you want to learn programming?"

The default recommendation for many of the answers is Python, which the flowchart compares to The Ent in Lord of the Rings: Helps little Hobbits (beginners) to understand programming concepts and Wizards (computer scientists) to conduct researches. It's easy to learn and widely popular.

However, Python's not the only suitable programming language for beginners--there's Ruby and JavaScript and Java and many more languages. Depending on your purpose, one of these might be better for you. Take a look (click to zoom in or head here for the original image):

which programming language should i learn first infographic Carl Cheo
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