Why isn't anyone talking about the botched Apple Music launch?

Earlier today Apple Music launched. I was planning on writing about it in the same way every other technology blogger wrote about it, but I ran into a small problem. It only launched on iOS apps at the appointed time.

The Apple Music site had a Try Now button up for desktop users all day, and clicking it opened iTunes. iTunes 2.1.2 if you were up to date. The problem was that Apple Music requires iTunes 2.2, and as late as 6 PM ET that wasn't available. If you clicked the Try Now button, iTunes would open and inform you that you needed iTunes 2.2 and offered an Upgrade button. That Upgrade button would take you to the web to download the old version of iTunes that didn't support Apple Music.

Hopefully everything will be sorted out some time this evening, but this was the situation all day, and I was puzzled to see no mention of it in the tech blogosphere.

Instead we had fluff pieces teaching us things like "How to make sure you don’t get charged for Apple Music." The answer? Well it's the same answer that you'd expect of any subscription service with a free trial. Turn off auto-renew. Pretty obvious right? But offhand I can think of three sites that wrote about this: VentureBeat (who I just linked to), Engadget and The Verge. TechCrunch went so far as to say the launch was "going pretty well so far" when, at 6:20 PM ET, some Mac users finally started getting the update ( seven hours after scheduled launch).

Doing the same thing (canceling an auto-renewal) in Apple Music that you'd do with another other online subscription service is news, but the fact that the much-touted launch didn't happen on desktops wasn't worthy of a mention. Why were the tech bloggers giving Apple a pass on this?

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have had a chance to give Apple Music a try. I've used a lot of different streaming music services and I'm not really tied to any one. Currently I'm using Spotify because it works on my Playstation 4, but I'm still carrying my Google Music subscription too since I like it a lot, but if Apple Music offers something compelling I'm not against switching.

I just wish I could try it.

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