iOS 9

iOS 9: Five small features that will change your life

This hidden features in iOS 9 prove that even small changes can have a big impact


iOS 9

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Even though the forthcoming iOS 9 is not a drastic software update, there are a ton of subtle tweaks and changes that'll make iPhone users jump up with joy. After a few days testing the iOS 9 public beta, we've unlocked a some of the best hidden features.

Watch the video above to see how you can become an iOS 9 expert come this fall. In the video, we highlight how to:

  1. Automatically creates selfie/screenshot albums in Photos app
  2. Call, iMessage, or FaceTime your Contacts directly from Spotlight search
  3. Get quick access to the Wallet app and Apple Pay from the lock screen
  4. Enable the new iCloud Drive app to upload attachments in an email
  5. Use the new search bar in the Settings app

What upcoming iOS 9 features are you most excited to try out? Let us know in the comments!

This story, "iOS 9: Five small features that will change your life" was originally published by Macworld.

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