Intel said to launch new high-end desktop processors in Q1 2016

It will be Broadwell on the high end for 2016 even as Skylake rolls out.

It can be a bit tricky keeping track of all the processor generations coming from Intel. While the latest generation is known as Skylake, the older Broadwell line is sticking around for one more round, the lucrative high-end desktop market.

A report from Benchlife, a Chinese benchmarking site that's had a pretty good track record when it comes to Intel leaks, says the Broadwell-E platform should launch in the first quarter of 2016.

The –E line is Intel's very high-end processor for gamers, hobbyists, and a few people with real work to do beyond Office and Web browsing. It uses the Socket 2011 and a different chipset from the mainstream edition. They are usually sold under the Extreme Edition brand, which routinely sells for $999. Not the PC, just the CPU.

Broadwell-E processors will come with 6 or 8 cores plus HyperThreading, up to 20MB of internal cache, Turbo Boost 2, where other cores are shut off and one core is significantly accelerated for a single thread process, 40 lanes of PCI Express 3.0 and four channels of DDR4 2400 memory.

And it will likely go into systems costing a few thousand dollars.

The schedule as released by Benchlife puts mass production of these processors around February or March 2016 which would be perfect timing for announcing them at the giant CeBIT 2016 show that takes place in Germany.

This would make Broadwell-E the main high-end part for 2016 while Skylake-E will be pushed to 2017, with the new Kaby Lake part somewhere in between. Cannonlake, the die shrink of Skylake, has been delayed to 2017 as Intel struggles to get down to a 10nm node process.

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