Quick Windows 10 tip: Search as you type in the Start menu

Search without using the search box

The search box in the Windows 10 taskbar can be handy, but it does take up space there and clicking the search icon or box is actually an inefficient way to search Windows.

Instead, as Into Windows points out, just hit the Windows key and start typing. That will open up the Start menu and also search whatever you type in--no need to take your hands off your keyboard and you can remove the search box from the taskbar.

Searching as you type is a feature Windows 8 had, but it's not obvious to everyone that you can also search from the Start menu in Windows 10, since there's no search box there. You don't need it. Just start typing.

You'll only save a few seconds compared to clicking in the taskbar, sure, but every second counts. It's the little things.

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