Hunt for your next job in secrecy with an anonymous job matchmaking service

Anthology (formerly Poachable) is a free matchmaking service for job seekers and employers

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Maybe you're not desperate (yet) to leave your job, but you are interested in opportunities that could be a good fit for you. Newly renamed service Anthology works in the background to find employers who are looking for people with your skills and experience. It's like a cross between Tinder and LinkedIn, perhaps, finding matches between employers and potential employees.

Though it might sound like a niche service, Anthology could solve a unique problem: Employers have a hard time finding enough qualified candidates and workers could perhaps always be in the best jobs for them if they knew where to look and job searching wasn't such a pain.

To use the free service, you sign up for free and answer some job profile questions: What companies do you admire? What's your job title and job history (this information is not shared with employers, but used to find matches)? What are your skills? What's the minimum salary range you'll consider? Where are you willing to work? (I found that last required question annoying and hope they add in "telecommuting" as an option.)

Then you wait until you receive matches based on your requirements and the site's employers. It could take weeks or longer to get a match. If you're in a high-demand occupation, however, as many IT workers are, there's a good chance you'll receive matches and will be able to talk to those employers about opportunities. It's like putting up a "make me move" price on real estate site, except for job positions.

Although I only signed up today and haven't received any matches, I like the premise of this service. It's like job hunting automatically in the background. If something comes up, great. If not, keep on keeping on.

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