The careers with the highest pay increases

Unsurprisingly, many technology jobs have the greatest wage growth

For most workers, salaries aren't growing as fast as they used to (the Labor Department says the second quarter showed the slowest wage increase on record). But people with one of the 20 jobs below are luckier, having the highest pay increases over the past year compared to other jobs.

wage growth Glassdoor/Bloomberg

The data comes from Glassdoor, reported on Bloomberg Business. All sorts of IT workers and people working in finance are represented here (also cooks and cashiers!). It helps that tech-related skills are in such high demand and pay well too. Another analysis of median salary shows software engineers and network engineers earning the most out of this list of 20 jobs.

So even if IT staff are less happy than other workers, perhaps you'll find comfort in knowing your career still nets a growing salary.

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