Free, open source alternatives to LastPass

Now that LastPass has been acquired by LogMeIn, you might be interested in a free open-source alternative

LastPass is one of the most popular, free password managers available today--and everyone would benefit from a good password manager (much better than using the same password everywhere or trying to rely on your memory for unique passwords for every site). But LastPass's recent acquisition by LogMeIn has left users doubtful of the password manager's future, if not completely unpleased and jumping ship, thanks to LogMeIn's less than stellar record of killing freemium products and raising rates on customers. So what's someone who needs a password manager (you) to do?

Venture Beat has rounded up seven open source password managers available now. Because they're open source, you can trust (or at least hope) that others in the community are looking at the code behind the software to make sure nothing nefarious is going on and the software is secure.

Of the 7 free password managers, KeePass has, perhaps, the best reputation. It works on all platforms and has multiple means of authentication. It's not the prettiest or most user friendly of password managers, but it has some of the most robust security features.

Bruce Schneier's Password Safe is also worth a look. In addition to the Windows app, ports of it have been developed for iOS, Android, Mac, and other platforms, and it can work with Yubico's YubiKey USB Key.

The other free password managers are possible alternatives to LastPass, although they might not be as easy to use or as feature-rich as LastPass. If you want to leave LastPass because of trust issues with the new parent company, however, an open source alternative will probably make you feel better.

I'm sticking with the paid 1Password app for now, mostly because it lets you save your passwords locally and doesn't require your passwords to be stored in the cloud. Although it's relatively pricey, when it comes to storing and managing your passwords, trust is everything, so the peace of mind of paying for an app like this or opting for an open source one is worth it.

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