Self-destructing browser tabs could fix your lost productivity problem

Set a timer on distracting websites, get more done

Melanie Pinola

You need to take a break. Your email inbox, Facebook, Reddit, and, heck, the entire internet is there to distract you--probably for too long. One new way to take your break and also make sure you get back to working: Take a five.

The site basically opens a new tab with a timer. Set the number of minutes you will allow yourself to surf around, do whatever you want in that new tab, and Take a five will make the site you're on disappear and tell you time's up.

The website is the work of product engineer Cole McCollum. It works similar to other self-control sites, but instead of blocking productivity-sucking sites completely or working on a schedule, Take a five gives you just the amount of time you need for your break and prevents you from getting lost down a rabbit hole. It's like parental controls, but for your adult surfing needs.

The free site works great in Chrome and is probably worth bookmarking.

[h/t Business Insider]

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