Facebook now searches through friends' public posts and coversations

Facebook's search is better than ever, but, as usual, it's a reminder to watch what you post publicly

Not long ago, I was trying to find a recommendation a friend of a friend had posted in a Facebook comment, but for all the searching and scrolling through past Facebook comments couldn't find it. Today's Facebook search probably would've found the results for me. The updates make Facebook more of an information resource, but, as always, remember to check who can see your posts on Facebook.

According to Facebook's news blog, search results will now include public posts and posts from friends, as well as public conversations--e.g., popular quotes or phrases mentioned in links that get widely shared on Facebook. Facebook will also show search suggestions as you type.

This could be pretty useful, since so much is shared on Facebook, not just from your friends but from media and websites discussing popular topics. Others reporting Facebook's news say Google should worry now because Facebook will be taking over searches. I'm not sure that's true for this alone, but we're definitely getting to the point where all these big tech companies are vying for our undivided attention. Don't you feel special?

Oh yeah, remember to check your Facebook privacy settings and who can see what you post.

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