Kill noisy tabs in Chrome with a quick right-click

Finally, audio muting is built into Chrome

Since last year, Chrome has shown us which tabs are playing audio with the small speaker icon. It wasn't that helpful, since you'd still have to switch over to the tab to mute the auto-playing video or other noise source. Google quietly rolled out a solution to our audio-killing troubles: Now you can mute tabs by right-clicking on them.

Right-click, select Mute tab, and the tab is silenced until you right-click and unmute it.

chrome mute tab Melanie Pinola

Though definitely a welcome addition to Chrome, I think it's worth the extra step of enabling tab muting in Chrome's hidden settings. You'll be able to toggle audio off or on by clicking on that audio icon. 

Still, if you don't want to dig into Chrome's experimental features, just right click on a tab to silence auto-playing ads and more.

[via The Verge]

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