Hidden Windows 10 feature: Change the Start Menu size

If the Start Menu in Windows 10 is taking up too much space or feels to cramped, there's a simple fix

windows10 start
Melanie Pinola

Every day we learn new tricks for working better in Windows 10 and hidden features like just typing to search instead of using the search box. So here's another one you might or might not know you can do in Windows 10: Resize the Start Menu.

That's right. Did you know you could drag the corner, top, or side of the Start Menu to get more space horizontally and/or vertically? See more of your apps and app groups.

Once you've resized the menu, the settings will stick the next time you hit the Windows button. There's a limit to how far the menu will stretch, but it should be enough for most people and an easy way to get a Start Screen-like menu without leaving the desktop.

[via MakeUseOf]

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