AT&T won’t sell the HTC 10 in stores

You’ll need to buy the phone unlocked from HTC if you want to use it on the telecom giant’s network.

HTC 10

If you’re an AT&T subscriber with an eye towards the HTC 10, you’ll probably have to buy one online.

That’s because it turns out AT&T won’t be selling the latest flagship in carrier stores. Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint have all signed on, though they haven’t revealed pricing schemes with their various monthly installment plans.

You can use the HTC 10 on AT&T, you’ll just need to buy it unlocked directly from HTC and then activate it in-store or transfer your SIM card. There are certainly some benefits to doing this, as this will free you of carrier bloatware and being stuck on AT&T’s pitiful update cycle. HTC is one of the more responsible handset makers when it comes to updates, so you’ll probably have a device that won’t languish for months in update purgatory.

However, it also means paying the full unlocked price of $699, which could be a tough sell given the rave reviews for the Galaxy S7 Edge and S7.

Why this matters: This isn’t great for HTC, as it means one of the largest carriers won’t feature the HTC 10 in stores for those who wander in looking for a new phone. Fortunately, buyers are becoming increasingly savvy about how the game works and are purchasing devices unlocked to activate on their line. But for a company that desperately needs a hit, this isn’t a great turn of events.

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