Google Clock update adds inline volume control, vibration alerts to the timer

Version 4.4 also tweaks the main layout to give the different icons a cleaner look.

google clock
Derek Walter

An unsung, workhorse app like Google’s Clock needs a little care and attention sometimes. 

It’s getting that in the version 4.4 update from Google. The most helpful change is an in-line volume control that can set your alarm sound right from the settings. Additionally, there’s now a toggle to enable vibration when your timer expires.

google clock 4.4

The Clock update brings a couple of helpful features and a slight visual tweak.

When you look at the interface, you’ll notice the four main sections have been bunched together, which gives a little more visual consistency instead of having them so spread apart. The date has been changed to an all-caps format and shortened. For example it reads: TUE, JUN 6 instead of Tue, June 6.

The update is rolling out in the Google Play Store and is available now on APK Mirror.

Why this matters: You probably use the clock as your main alarm and as a timer for cooking or other circumstances where you want to keep track of something. Since it’s one of those essentially apps, it’s nice to see Google still bringing changes through the Play Store, instead of waiting for a once-per-year (or more infrequently) update that comes from, you know, another operating system that won’t be named.

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