What’s new in the React 16.4 JavaScript UI library

The Version 16.4 release of Facebook’s React JavaScript UI library brings pointer support as well as several fixes

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React 16, the latest version of Facebook’s popular JavaScript library for building UIs, was updated in late May 2018 to Version 16.4.

Where to download React

You can download React 16 from the project’s GitHub page.

New version: What’s new in React 16.4

Version 16.4 of React, released in late May 2018, adds support for pointer events, an often-requested feature, as well as an improvement for an upcoming asynchronous rendering capability. Browsers that support point events include versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Pointer events are DOM events fired for a pointing device, designed to provide a single event model to handle devices such as a mouse or touch.

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