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Land a Lifetime of Linux Training for a Price You Choose - Deal Alert

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Nowadays, most tech users are familiar with Windows and Mac, but Linux is quickly becoming the world's fastest-growing operating system. In fact, every time you use Google, Facebook, or any other major website, you’re talking to servers that are running Linux. So it should come as no surprise that Linux-savvy experts are in high demand, and with the Pay What You Want: The Linux Lifetime Mastery Bundle, you can score 20+ hours of essential Linux training for a price you choose.

Here's how the deal works: Pay anything at all, and you'll instantly unlock one of the collection's four courses. Beat the average price everyone else has paid, and you'll get the remaining three for no extra charge.

Jump in and discover the essentials behind working with operating systems and Linux V7. You’ll learn how to install Linux V7, handle system initialization, work with disk partitions, and manage packages, users and groups. Plus, this training also comes with instruction on programming with JavaScript—adding extra stopping power to your resume.

Pay what you want, and you can get your IT career started with the Pay What You Want: The Linux Lifetime Mastery Bundle.


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