What’s new in Rust 1.27

Feature-packed Rust 1.27 delivers SIMD support and improved syntax and APIs

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Version 1.27 of the Rust systems programming language is now available.

Current version: What’s new in Rust 1.27

Rust 1.27 features basic SIMD (single-instruction, multiple-data) capabilities. The std::arch module serves as a gateway to architecture-specific instructions usually related to SIMD. A higher-level std::simd module is planned for the future.

Other new features in Rust 1.27 include:

  • The dyn Trait syntax is stabilized, providing a syntax for trait objects using a contextual dyn. A “bare trait” syntax for trait objects is deprecated, because it is often ambiguous and confusing.
  • The #[must use] attribute can now be used on functions. Previously, it only applied to types, such as Result<T, E>. Parts of the standard library also have been enhanced to use #[must use].
  • Multiple new APIs were stabilized in the release, including DoubleEndedIterator: : rfind and NonNull: :cast.
  • The Cargo package manager for Rust has been upgraded to require a --target-dir flag to change the target directory for a given invocation. Additionally, auto keys have been added to toml, for dealing with targets.

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