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Save 75% on easyHDR Image Processing Software ($10)

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Have you ever taken photos with your high-end DSLR and expensive camera lens and wondered, “Why do my photos look so flat?” What’s more, when you compare your pictures to that of your favorite photographers, you can’t help but notice how much more realistic their photos look. That’s because these professional photographers are using a technique called high-dynamic range, and you can achieve the same results for $9.99 with easyHDR.

easyHDR is an app for Mac and Windows that allows you to edit photos with stunning, photorealistic results. It does this by merging multiple low-dynamic range photos into a single HDR image, and you can merge photos in a variety of formats, including JPEG, JPEG2000, TIF, or RAW. This creates the HDR effect, which more closely resembles what the human eye sees. easyHDR also features tools that let you correct white balance and remove noise, ghosting, and dust particles that would otherwise tarnish your photorealistic results. Finally, if you have multiple photos that you’d like to view in HDR, you can batch process multiple photos at once. 

Normal photos don’t represent the full range of exposure that our eyes can see, but you can use easyHDR to achieve photorealistic results for just $9.99, or 74% off.

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easyHDR Image Processing Software v3.13 Home Plan - $9.99

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