This 7.5-watt Belkin wireless charging pad is only $30, a 40% discount

Belkin says this wireless charger is "designed and optimized" for the iPhone. Now that it's only $30, it becomes a much more interesting buy.

belkin boost up

Wattage matters. If you want to wirelessly charge your phone quickly, you'll want a charging pad that promises higher-than-baseline charging power. This Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad offers 7.5 watts of charging power, and now it's $30 on Amazon, down $20 for a 40 percent price reduction, and back to its all-time low price.

Belkin says the Boost Up 7.5W is specifically designed for iPhones, but it will also charge Air Pods 2 at 5 watts, and delivers standard 5 watt charging for Qi-enabled phones from Android makers. Obviously, it doesn't offer the charging power of the 18-watt adapter that comes with the iPhone 11 Pro—but, hey, this one is wireless!

In our round-up of best wireless chargers, we gave this Boost Up model only 3 stars, but that score was predicated on its (then) high price. At $30, it becomes much more alluring. We also wish it employed a USB connector instead of an AC power adapter. Other than that, no complaints.

[ Today's deal: The Belkin Boost Up 7.5W for $30 on Amazon. ]

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