These sleep mask headphones are under $20 today

Lightimetunnel's sleep headphones earn a fantastic 4.3 stars on Amazon, and are only $19.20 today.

sleep headphones

If you can’t fall asleep without some classical music or ocean sounds, but hate having to position your body to avoid smashing your earbuds in your ear (looking at you, side sleepers), then sleep headphones could help you rest easy. And today you can get the Lightimetunnel sleep mask headphones on Amazon for $19.20, down from a list price of $29.

This handy product functions as a combo sleep mask and headphones, with a 3D eye mask shape that contours itself to your face to block out light, and Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your phone or tablet. Volume and start/stop controls are right in the mask. It’s also washable, with removable headphone components so they don’t get damaged. In addition, with up to 8 hours of battery life on a charge, you’ll be able to get through a full night’s sleep without your music shutting off.

These sleep headphones average 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon across nearly 700 user ratings.

[ Today’s deal: Lightimetunnel sleep mask headphones on Amazon for $19.20. ]

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