What’s next for serverless architecture?

Automatic distribution of logic and data to the edge will bring minimal latency to end users, without provisioning, scaling, or configuration worries for developers

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The serverless building blocks in the cloud work like Legos. Developers can combine the building blocks they need and stop worrying about scaling or distribution. 

Today, we have serverless databases with built-in security that open the door for a new breed of applications—applications that scale in a globally distributed way by default. Since that door has opened, many developers have begun looking for ways to replace parts of their back end with microservices and APIs, opening up a new market for many SaaS providers.

The end result will be an ecosystem of building blocks that work like Legos. Soon developers will combine the building blocks they need and stop worrying about scaling or distribution.

Brecht De Rooms is senior developer advocate at Fauna. He is a programmer who has worked extensively in IT as a full-stack developer and researcher in both the startup and IT consultancy worlds. It is his mission to shed light on emerging and powerful technologies that make it easier for developers to build apps and services that will captivate users.

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