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Relieve stress and fatigue with this comfortable eye massager

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When most of us think about taking care of our eyes, the mind becomes burdened with memories of trips to the dreaded eye doctor, or perhaps having to refill an expensive prescription for an uncomfortable pair of contacts.

But now there’s a far more enjoyable way to ensure that your eyes receive all of the love and attention they deserve—thanks to this Aurai Eye Massager, which is currently on sale for 15% off at just $246.99.

Featuring both cool and warm compress settings, this modern and comfortable massage device will help you eliminate dry eyes while improving your sleep quality—thanks to a comfortable design that can be worn for hours on end without fatigue.

Unique, water-propelled technology utilizes your body’s circulation and waves to gently relax muscle tension around your eyes, and medical-grade silicone forms a uniquely comfortable seal around your face in order to deliver soft vibrations in a supremely relaxing way.

And since the Aurai Eye Massager is also lightweight and compact, you’ll be able to take it with you on every trip or vacation.

Treat your eyes to a relaxing and stress-reducing massage with the Aurai Eye Massager for just $246.99—15% off MSRP today.

Prices are subject to change.

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