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Christopher Nerney is a freelance technology writer living in upstate New York. Chris began his writing career in newspapers before joining Network World in 1996. He went on to become executive editor of several IT management sites for, including Datamation and eSecurity Planet. Chris is a regular blogger at ITworld, where he has written about tech business and now writes about science/tech research. Chris also covers big data and analytics as a freelancer for Data Informed. When he’s not writing, editing or spending time with his wife and three children, Chris performs original music and covers in bars, coffeehouses and on the streets around Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Google faces uphill fight in mobile messaging

Search giant Google reportedly plans to roll out a mobile messaging app to compete with WhatsApp.

The Physical Web: Google's Trojan Horse gift to the Internet of Things

Google's new initiative, The Physical Web, aims to create a URL-based system for the Internet of Things.

7 Android apps that I've recommended and still love

Apps come and apps go, but these are the Android apps I still rely upon all the time.

The only Android printing app you'll need

There are a lot of mobile printing apps out there, but this one works with almost any wireless printer.

Android Wear apps: Lots of promise, lots of glitches

The Android Wear ecosystem is young, but already there are apps that will make using and navigating your smartwatch much easier.

How to build a great data science team

Select the mix of skills right for your data analytics business goals.

Soon, everybody will be a data scientist

Consumers are being given the tools to measure and analyze their bodies, activities, environments and more.

When to use Hadoop (and when not to)

When enterprises interested in leveraging big data and analytics ask how to get started, they often are advised to begin with Hadoop, Apache Software's open source data storage and processing framework.

Space station to get its own 3D printer

NASA will equip astronauts on the International Space Station with their very own 3D printer sometime next year.

Study credits conservation for comeback of some endangered European species

Being an endangered species isn't always a one-way ticket to extinction.

Moon is 100 million years younger than we thought (and that's what too much sun can do you)

So you thought you really knew our moon? Think again.

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