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CIOs have to learn the new math of analytics

CIOs need to snap out of complacency

CIOs need to snap out of complacency

Your business colleagues aren't as impressed with you as you are. New research rewrites your priorities for 2015.

Top CIOs get deeply involved in merger deals

Todd Stabenow was on a secret mission.

CIOs consider putting a price tag on data

Figure out the dollar value of your information assets. Then you'll know what the 'I' in CIO is really worth -- and how much to spend protecting it.

IT provides business edge in battle of archrivals

IT provides business edge in battle of archrivals

In retail, manufacturing and logistics there are no bigger rivals than Home Depot vs. Lowe's, GM vs. Ford, FedEx vs. UPS, respectively. We look at how these fierce competitors are exploiting IT to gain an advantage.

How unemployed CIOs can survive the dark days

A long job hunt takes a personal and professional toll. CIOs have family and financial concerns while they reassess their careers and face a changing job market. But here's how CIOs can emerge stronger than ever.

CIO helps Civil War-era company find its digital future

When Western Union sent its first telegrams across the frontiers of America in 1851, it struggled against companies with competing, incompatible technologies. Years of fierce wheeling and dealing helped Western Union acquire and...

IT leaders: Don't let saying 'no' paint you as anti-business

CIOs may have good reason to reject a proposal or nix a technology request, but an inept or frequent 'no' will get you sidelined.

CIOs share how they made the leap to CEO

CIOs who won the CEO job talk candidly about the relentless pressure for profits, the ultimate accountability and what they wish they'd known as CIO.

Top CIOs use IT to speed up the business

The need for speed underpins many of the projects we honor in our 26th annual CIO 100 awards. We recognize organizations whose IT work shows innovation and impressive business value. In 2013, it's clear that meeting those marks often...

10 ways tech is making fast food personal

10 ways tech is making fast food personal

Fast food restaurants want to use technology--theirs and yours--to create a highly intimate customer experience.

How play at work can lead to IT innovation

All work and no play does more than make Jack a dull boy. It can stifle creativity. A playful office helps corporate problem-solving and sparks innovation.

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