Liane Cassavoy

Liane Cassavoy is a veteran technology and business journalist. She contributes regularly to PCWorld and has written about business issues and products for Entrepreneur Magazine and other publications. She is the author of two business start-up guides published by Entrepreneur Press.

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Invoicing, time-tracking, even legal help are all available on mobile apps geared to the self-employed or extremely small businesses.

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These travel apps help you plan routes, book flights, and even remember your socks.

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Twitter is useful for more than following your favorite celebrities. It's a powerful professional tool for keeping up on industry news, interacting with influencers, and marketing yourself. But when you use it this way, managing your...

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End-to-end encryption, forensic wiping, and other features make these texting tools ready for professional use.

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5 apps that will make Windows users feel at home on a Mac

Switching to a Mac can be a challenge--even if your reliance on an Apple computer is only part time. And while the chasm between Windows and Mac OS computers and their devotees remains deep and wide, bridges between the two camps are...

You are here: Use your phone's location tracking to complete tasks with these apps

Your phone knows where you are. And while that may sound creepy, it can also be convenient--as long as that location tracking is used to your benefit. These apps do just that: track the location of your phone to make your life at...

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Whether you're looking for more screen real estate or a strict Web supervisor, these tools are here to help.

Five free Chrome tools for faster, easier searches

ook no further! These tools let you automate, customize, and cull searches to improve your results.

Five free Dropbox tools you're not using (but should be)

Dropbox is handy, but you can make it even easier to use with a wide range of products and services that work hand in hand with the cloud-based storage, syncing, and sharing service. Check out these five favorites for getting even...

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