Lisa Schmeiser


Lisa Schmeiser is a San Francisco-based reporter, editor and blogger. She also publishes a thrice-weekly news digest, So What, Who Cares? , and podcasts regularly at The Incomparable.

5 little-known Facebook tips and tricks to make your News Feed less frustrating

Fining customers for negative Yelp reviews? Welcome to the future of big data

The one-two punch of consumers' eagerness to share their opinions and their unfamiliarity with business contacts spells opportunity.

BYOD blues: What to do when employees leave

It's a fact that some data always walks with the employees. But you can manage the risks without cutting into the BYOD benefits.

BYOD blues: What to do when employees leave

It's a fact that some data always walks with the employees. Here are some policies and proceedures that can help your IT department manage the risks.

Make your Twitter feed less annoying in 3 simple steps

A combination of lists and software clients can help you manage the social and informational irritants of Twitter.

Recycle your old tech gear

What to do with your old tech gear when it no longer works? Recycle it. We show you how and where to be responsible with outdated stuff.

Automating the cloud, one website script at a time

Cloud-based APIs offer the promise of seamless integration between services. All you need is the programming chops to make the most of them and the bandwidth to keep up with the rapid pace of change of today's most popular services.

Predictions gone wrong: Losing bets analysts made for 2013

Analyst forecasts are meant to help IT prepare for the future. But the future doesn't always follow that script.

The painful truth about age discrimination in tech

There are bold programmers but no old programmers. That fear-tinged saying echoes even more today among software developers, who fear the recession provides a handy cover for age discrimination in the high-tech world. But a closer...

Get the most for your gear-buying dollar

It's as inevitable as the turkey hangover the day after Thanksgiving: There's a hot new camera, game system or MP3 player everyone wants for the holidays, and that demand causes the price to stay high. What's a budget-minded...

Socially conscious shopping apps

The primary challenge of being a socially-conscious consumer is finding products that fulfill your needs without sullying your conscience. A secondary challenge is remembering which products are on the "good" list and which ones are...

How to recycle your Mac – When your Mac is no longer the shiny new kid on the block, there's no shortage of ways to extend its useful life. An old Mac can work as a recipe-storage library, for instance, and that antique iBook can be a backup...

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