Paul F. Roberts

Paul Roberts is an experienced technology reporter and editor who writes about hacking, cyber threats and information technology security. When he's not writing for InfoWorld, Paul edits The Security Ledger, a blog focused on securing the Internet of things.

IoT is the password killer we've been waiting for

Add GitHub dorking to list of security concerns

The Uber-GitHub dispute highlights a common open source risk, but Uber is hardly alone in accidentally uploading sensitive data to GitHub, the world's most popular code hosting site. Security experts say that GitHub's repositories...

Why 'designed for security' is a dubious designation

Why 'designed for security' is a dubious designation

Recent events suggest that pushing enhanced privacy- and security wares brings risks with few rewards.

The state of open source security

The state of open source security

Recent high-profile vulnerabilities have put the lie to the 'many eyes' theory -- but also driven real progress in securing the open source ecosystem.

Survey finds faith in Internet trust system fading fast

Survey finds faith in Internet trust system fading fast

IT professionals are more reliant on public key encryption than ever before. They’re also more doubtful than ever before that the technology will keep their critical data and assets safe, according to a Ponemon survey of more than...

Cyber insurance: Only fools rush in

Mega breaches at Fortune 100 firms have put the spotlight on the need of enterprises to manage cyber risk like never before. But experts say that the market for cyber insurance is still young and, when it comes to insuring against...

DEFCON's latest challenge: Hacking altruism

The world's biggest hacker conference is bigger and more irreverent than ever. But this year's show puts life and limb alongside lulz, with a focus on public safety and altruism.

Weary of takedowns, Microsoft looks for partners in crime fighting

Microsoft has grown weary of its role as the Internet's Dirty Harry and, increasingly, is looking for partners to share the load of fighting cyber crime.

Beware the next circle of hell: Unpatchable systems

Insecure by design and trusted by default, embedded systems present security concerns that could prove crippling.

Citizen Apple: A spotty record of giving back to tech

Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple has started to repair its reputation for being cold-hearted and tight-fisted. But when it comes to giving back to the technology industry, Apple's record is spotty.

Stealthy attacks multiply and victims turn to spooks-as-a-service

As the list of victims of sophisticated cyber attacks expands, so does the need for high-priced talent to help investigate and recover from those attacks. The latest solution: hosted services offering access to cyber intelligence and...

In wake of Snowden, U.S. cloud providers face calls to wall off data

Behind closed doors, U.S. cloud providers and hosting firms say that customers are asking them to wall off data out of fear of government eavesdropping

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